Seminar Videos, Part 4

Editors Note: This is the fourth in an eight part series discussing past seminars at our school. The entire series can be found under the video category.

We have three videos to share today. Again, Bernath Sensei is demonstrating. In the first video, Sensei is executing jiu-waza from shomen-uchi. Pay attention to that last technique. It’s nikkyo, and from my perspective looks absolutely devastating. Neil’s ukemi, as always, is superb.

Some beautiful irimi-nage in this next video. Again, I want our students to see this, particularly Sensei’s cut and connection with uke’s hips. This perpendicular movement, I think, really goes to the heart of Dee Sensei’s technique. I’ve seen this, or some variation, in all the students Yamada Sensei has taught or influenced. (Of course, my experiences are just my own. Feel free to disagree!)

I have a very clear memory of this next technique. If pressed, I’d classify it as a maki-otoshi variation. The seminar itself took place at the UNF dojo in October 2005. I remember Sensei here emphasizing the importance of immediate movement. As in, one moment nage’s there, and the next, uke is thrown. Joey Turner is uke.

Next up: Donovan Waite Sensei!