2010 Camping Trip

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  1. A wonderful trip. Dee and I had a great time.

    We’ll post a longer write-up in this month’s newsletter, and have a slideshow ready soon.

  2. This is mostly true.

    Jerry: Dichotomy, are you sure you can start a fire?
    Dichotomy: Of course.
    Jerry: Are you sure?
    Dichotomy: Nothing to it.
    Jerry: Not that I doubt you, but in the past, you’ve said things…
    Dichotomy: Piece of cake. Trust me.
    Jerry: With misgivings. OK…
    Dichotomy: Sawing wood. Slowly. With half a saw.
    Jerry: Umm…
    Dichotomy: Now leaning wood on Buck’s equipment.
    Jerry: What is that thing you’re balancing the wood on?
    Dichotomy: It’s a saw stand. Obviously.
    Jerry: A saw stand?
    Dichotomy: You heard me.
    Dichotomy: Lifting his leg to break the wood.
    Dichotomy: You see, Jerry, you use the tools as they were intended.
    Dichotomy: Dropping leg onto wood, thereby crumpling the (ahem) saw stand.
    Dichotomy: Oh crap.
    Jerry: Crap is right. You broke it!
    Buck: Sauntering by. Cue Bonanza score.
    Buck: What the heck are you doing?
    Dichotomy: Uhh…Sawing wood?
    Buck: But you’re just using the blade.
    Dichotomy: Erm…
    Buck: Proceeds to reassemble the two pieces of equipment into an actual saw.
    Dichotomy: ….

  3. Although you got the saw part pretty acurate, I never claimed to know how to start a CAMP fire. I said I had built fires in fireplaces before, but I had the advatage of newspaper at such times (which we did not have in the forest).

    You also neglected to say how I spent 10 min cutting wood with just the blade and you actually complemented me on it (and did not offer advice or assistance), but it was hilarious when Buck came and put the saw together. We all had a big laugh about that. I often don’t see the forest by virtue of the trees.

  4. We have a video of Joey and Buck training that we plan on posting.

    The video camera was at the dojo for kid’s testing. I left it on in my class and recorded some nice footage.

  5. F.: Thanks for the comment. We have more pictures ready for this month’s newsletter.

    G.H.: It really wasn’t dichotomy’s fault. I should have remembered how to assemble the saw from last year. If anything, it was my error.

    It was pretty funny, though.

  6. A big thanks to Kevin for the new pictures in the dojo. They look great. Also, our USAF logo has been fitted on our door.

    Snazzy. 😎

  7. dont blame dichotomy…he’s an electrical engineer not a mechanical engineer for a reason…

  8. BTW:
    Everyone, tonight was Christina’s last night. If I knew earlier I would have told everyone to go down and take her last class.


  9. It was sad to see her go, but keeping pace with a toddler take priority. We wish you the best. 🙂

    On a more up beat note, Buck is back to teaching classes again, so welcome back Buck, you were missed. B~)

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