Seminar Videos, Part 8

Editors Note: This is the eighth in an eight part series discussing past seminars at our school. The entire series can be found under the video category.

And so we come to it – the final installment of our video series.  Fret not, however; the dojo vault is teeming with memory cards chock full of videos of seminars past. (To pique your interest, how does technique performed by Nobu Arakawa sound? Or Penny Bernath? We thought so.)

Today, however, we have two videos of Ed Di Marco Sensei, chief instructor of Lake County Aikikai. For those who may not know, Di Marco Sensei is an alumnus of the storied New York Aikikai, where he trained for twenty years under the leading lights in the American Aikido community. He brings a host of real world experience to his technique, which he is fond of sharing on the mat. (And no, I’ve never asked Sensei the particulars about these experiences. These things, I think, are way above my pay grade.)

The first video shows Sensei executing kokyu-nage from a shomen strike. And uke? Well, that’s Joel Miller, one of our past instructors. Nowadays you can find him on the mat at Austin Aikikai, under Damir Jamsek Sensei.

The second video shows a variation on the same technique. Dee Sensei is uke.

The seminar itself took place in April 2007 at the UNF dojo.