I Miss Joey Ramone

It was 1982, and for me, the beginning of punk. I remember the first time I heard Boys Don’t Cry, the album, and it blew my mind. There was a club in those days, Einstein A-Go-Go, and years later, on open mike night, I would watch my friends play there, badly.

It was also the time when the wider world began to slowly seep into my consciousness. I can’t say for certain whether my interest in the martial arts began then. I know I began reading about Aikido in high school. It didn’t matter in any case – I wouldn’t start training for another decade or so. But the seed was planted.

A few minutes ago I heard the single What a Wonderful World, covered by Joey Ramone. I can’t help but think about O-Sensei, idealism, and the crazy, anarchic world we live in.

4 thoughts on “I Miss Joey Ramone

  1. Jerry,

    I have a Joey Ramone encounter near Prospect Park, Queens, NY, on the corner of Woodruff Ave and Parade place back in 1980 or 1981 (est.). Funny enough he was dressed just as in all the pictures with the jacket. He did have a Joe Jackson “look sharp” button on the collar of the jacket. That was kind of cool as those buttons only came with the special edition LP. The record was a whopping $12.95, if I remember correctly.

    Queens Map


    As to the name of the album it was “ Road to Ruin”

  2. Jorge,

    I can’t remember the name of the club outside of NYU. I know it’s near Washington Square Park. It’s been a long time…

    Never went to CBGB. Too young when I was really into that music. Alas, it’s too late now.

    Nice class yesterday. You did well.

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