A Few Announcements

First, Sensei and I want to congratulate Guido for passing his 4th kyu test, and Daniella and Isabella for passing 9th kyu. Your hard work and perseverance paid off — congratulations.

Also, I want to welcome back one of our own, Joey Turner. For those who don’t know, Joey is a nidan (2nd degree black belt) and student of Grady Lane Sensei. And like Tonya, he was a deshi for a time at New York Aikikai. Joey has recently recovered from an injury, and will be training with us on Saturdays. I highly recommend that our newer students pair up with Joey on the mat. I’ve learned a lot from him over the years.

And lastly, I am giving fair warning regarding the problem of unwashed gis in the men’s dressing room. I think we all know who the culprit is, but in the interest of sparing him public humiliation, I have decided not to out him at this time. What I have done, however, is Febreeze the entire area. So if your gi smells like clean linen, you know who to blame.

But I’m not stopping there. I have decided to use even more frilly scents (starting with rose petal, then to bubblegum) until the responsible party is finally shamed enough to wash the blessed thing. You’ve been warned.

(Seriously, this comes from Sensei. Please wash your gi. Thank you.)

28 thoughts on “A Few Announcements

  1. I don’t know how gi’s smell so bad so soon.
    He washed his gi this last weekend. I mean I can go two weeks in between washing my gi…maybe because I’m a girl and I don’t sweat as much as some… but yeah, there is this weird sandwich shop smell coming from the men’s room… it’s making Jerry hungry. He thinks we are hiding sausages from him!

  2. I’m Glad Joey came back. :~) He is a good resource of information, and he always has something interesting to say about a technique.

    As for Kevin’s gi… give the guy a break. He tires.

  3. Eureka!!!, Throw away paper gis !! Inexpensive, hygienic, disposable. They can even be customized with crayons or markers!

  4. Jerry,

    From an economic point how would that work? As in marketing/advertising would different areas have different rates!

  5. Before I demonstrate a technique, I will say: “This irimi-nage brought to you by (sponsor).”

    For extra lucre, I will work in the marketing with my explanations. Say, when my uke’s gi is getting a little, uh, ripe, I can say: “Funky odors got you down? Use Febreeze, and your uke’s gi will be as fresh as your kokyu-nage!”

  6. Shoulder update:

    Came home and mom checked it. Since I can move it, its not broken or dislocated. I just sprained the muscle really badly. I’m getting more movement in it now safe for raising it in shomen..

    Lesson to learn from this…Dont slow down in during the technique…

  7. Good to hear you’re doing alright. Ikkyo ora is always one of those techniques that scare me because it seems like a lot of injuries happen with it. That and I’ve seen Peter….

  8. I’m not name dropping for the sake of name dropping. We were talking about scary ikkyo ora. Can you think of an daunting ikkyo ora? I’ve seen him get uke airborn in ikkyo ora demonstrations before.

    As for spelling errors, I don’t speak Japanese and I tend to write these comments fast and without thinking. But while we are on the subject, it is kinda’ impolite to correct spelling in a written conversation anywho. Bad neticate. Essensally the same thing as correcting someone’s pronunciation of a word.

  9. I’ve taken only three of Bernath Sensei’s classes. I saw ikkyo ura twice maybe(?). I said to Seabolt Sensei that it looked epic… Dee replied that he’s calmed down.

    That’s my only experience with the epic ikkyo ura that Dichotomy is referring to.
    But I remark by saying that I’ve taken ONLY three of his classes in my 2 short years of training. And have no experience to judge the level of “epicness ” of the ikkyo ura in question… other than it was pretty sweet.

  10. Before I nearly broke my shoulder off…I was lazily doing kote-gashi to Jerry. Sensei told me to do it right….so i did…and it was epic…right Jerry??? 😀

    …please dont kill me….

  11. I first saw Peter’s Ikkyo before MM had started. One of my first seminars at Florida Aikikai, and I was 5th or 6th kyu. Peter did Ikkyo from shomen (both basic variations not just ura). I had taken Dee’s advice to only focus on the feet when a technique was demonstrated the first time, but I never got past the feet for the ura veriation. Mostly because the uke’s response to the technique (as described above). This puts it in my mind as the most impressive ikkyo I have seen, but to be fair, I have not trained under many shihan or for any length of time.

    (deleted by admin)

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