Arakawa Sensei Seminar

By Maggie Schill
On Sunday October 3rd, Grady Lane Sensei generously hosted a fundraiser seminar for Arakawa Sensei, who is in the midst of a battle with cancer. Many great instructors came out to show their support, including Peter Bernath Sensei, Penny Bernath Sensei, Richard Wagener Sensei, Grady Lane Sensei, and Youssef Sadkane Sensei. Nobu Arakawa Sensei also taught a class with great enthusiasm.

The turnout for the seminar was overwhelming. It was inspiring to see so many Aikidoka come out in support of one of their senior instructors. Everyone coming out in support of Arakawa Sensei affirmed for everyone present that the Aikido community of Florida is a strong and caring family.

Best of luck and much love to Nobu Arakawa Sensei during his battle. He is truly a giving instructor and a gentleman. His knowledge is invaluable. We look forward to learning and sharing Aikido with him for years to come.

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