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Sensei and I are planning to hang pictures along the back wall, from the weapons rack to the men’s dressing area.¬†Our thinking is that the pictures should highlight certain school milestones. The best way to do this, we believe, is to hang group photos, rather than pictures of individual students. (Not that we don’t have those too. We just plan to hang them elsewhere.)

Here are the pictures that made the first cut. What say ye?

11 thoughts on “Dojo Decor

  1. I like the idea of group shots. Hate seeing my own picture… nothing will ever help that though.

    Great shots!

  2. A few updates:

    After speaking with Kevin, our thinking now is to only use the formal group shots. The camping trip pictures would be hung in a different location.

    Also, just added a Facebook event for our upcoming camping trip. More details will follow by email and in our newsletter.

    The additional plank for the rank board is coming along nicely. Thanks to Kevin for working on it this weekend, and to Herve, whom I understand will be applying the wood finish.

    Lastly, I’ve updated our dojo timeline to add information about Tonya, and also our first cleansing class. I’m still actively working on this–I have inquiries out to two individuals who were with us in the early days. If these sources pan out, details will follow.

  3. Personally, I don’t like the picture where we are blocking the kamiza. It doesn’t look as put together as the other shots…I think we just ran up there quick, snapped it, and sat down. lol

  4. I always harp on that; it’s a pet peeve of mine. Technically, as a matter of etiquette, you shouldn’t purposefully turn your back to the kamiza during regular training either. It’s considered disrespectful.

    Having said that, the first two shots were taken at UNF, with our “mobile” kamiza. Since I want to preserve those photographic records, I’m making an exception.

    What does Ryan think?

  5. I like all the photos and agree with the idea of grouping the group shots. Can you post or make available (CD?) full-size versions of them so individuals might print some for home display?

  6. Buck,

    Do you happen to have any still shots from our seminars? In particular, Donovan, Penny, or Nobu? For those seminars, all we have is film. Jose is checking too.

  7. No, Sorry.

    Also, can you make sure my 7 am class gets added to the calendar. We started this morning and Kevin came, but I know others were interested. Maybe just waiting for the online calendar to say it. Thanks.

  8. FYI Aikidoka: the 7 a.m. class ends at 7:45. This gives a little extra time for those going on to work. Also, this is a light workout, not meant to exhaust one before the day has started.

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