Rank Board

Rank BoardMany thanks to Kevin for his excellent woodworking skills, and Buck for his precise handwriting, for helping complete our new rank board.

You’ll notice that we added a fourth row, which we’ve reserved for our kid’s class. At some point, (sooner rather than later), we’ll need to add a fifth row. When that happens we’ll move our kids to the bottom row to make room for our adults.

Now for the really interesting news. I’ve learned from Buck that landscape architects¬†employ a different script¬†than other draftsman, different even than regular architects. So the script we have on our rank board, I think, is pretty unique.

One thought on “Rank Board

  1. When I was in graduate school at UGA (go Dawgs), working on my Mater’s degree, my first quarter I had to take drafting 101 and the first three weeks were devoted entirely to learning a new way of lettering. It was quite odd to be getting grades based on whether my O’s were closed or my M’s too narrow. Still, in today’s age of computer aided design where all text is based on scripted fonts, it is somewhat comforting to be able to hand letter with distinction and confidence.

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