Candy Dish

Once, long ago, Budai was traveling the dusty roads of his native Fenghua, in what is now the Zhejiang Province.

Carrying his cloth bag, and his prayer beads, he would give candy to the children he met. His only payment, a penny, he would ask of his fellow monks, and other travelers he encountered on the way. On this particular day, Budai passed by a monk not known to him.

“What is,” the monk inquired, “the meaning of Zen?”

Budai dropped his bag to the ground.

“And how,” continued the monk, “does one realize Zen?”

Budai retrieved his bag, and the candy, and continued down the path.

8 thoughts on “Candy

  1. In Japan, Budai is known as Hotei, one of the seven lucky gods. Oscar gave us our Hotei in 2008.

    He’s been handing out candy ever since.

  2. The Seven gods of prosperity. The fat ones we have represent happiness. Happiness and fat goes hand and hand….along with candy!

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