Sixth Annual Camping Trip

A reminder that our 2012 camping trip is scheduled for this Saturday at Anastasia State Park, in St. Augustine.  We have 40 Aikidoka (and family) participating this year.  As in years past, we’ll have a roaring campfire, a sunset and sunrise Aikido class, and some gourmet vittles courtesy of our amazing students.

For our camping schedule, food assignments, and general ephemera, please check your email.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of the park before our evening class and campfire dinner.  Anastasia is situated on a lovely beach, with access to a tidal marsh (Salt Run).  The park offers fishing, beautiful hiking trails, and canoeing and kayaking.  There’s even an informative nature exhibit.

And now a fond memory, from our 2010 camping trip.  See you this Saturday!


Gold Head State Branch Park

One thought on “Sixth Annual Camping Trip

  1. Awesome camping trip. No rain.

    Jose’s chili was scrumptious, as were the brownies, pancakes, muffins…

    Weapons class was very good also. Dark Knight is intimidating with a bokken.

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