Our Federation

United States Aikido FederationI sometimes forget just how large the United States Aikido Federation is, and the number of resources available to us.  Dee, as a chief instructor in the federation, receives regular updates, and has access, like other chief instructors, to an online USAF database.

But this is our federation as well.  Here are a few USAF resources that I find helpful and interesting.

Curious about the history of the federation? Well, point your browser to this informative page, where you can read all about it, including biographies of our leading shihan.

What about our current leadership, you ask? Not to worry. Head on over here, and learn more about our Board of Directors, Technical and Honorary Committees, and USAF certified instructors.

Of course you should already be familiar with the USAF events calendar, which lists the many seminars offered and hosted by member dojos. But did you know you can also search the database by dojo or instructor, or even be notified by email when an event is updated? Yep, you sure can.

Say you’re traveling, and want to squeeze in your daily Aikido regimen. (You are training daily, aren’t you?) Well, they have that covered, too. Take a look at this nifty interactive map, complete with dojo contact information.

And of course there is the federation newsletter, chock full of timely news and in depth articles.

Good stuff.