An Awesome Weekend – Congratulations Buck!

What a great seminar. Thanks to Peter Bernath Sensei for leading a fantastic class. And thank you to all our guests and visiting instructors. Dee and I had loads of fun, as did our students.

And of course, congratulations to Buck for his superlative nidan test. This was a historic moment in our school; Buck is the first student to test for yudansha rank locally, and he nailed it. You may not know this, but Buck has been training in Aikido for nearly twenty years. His class was one of the first classes I took when I joined the dojo in 2001. He is, in my estimation, one of the finest Aikidoka I know, on and off the mat. Congratulations, Buck.

And now, pictures!


3 thoughts on “An Awesome Weekend – Congratulations Buck!

  1. This was a milestone in my Aikido, and my life. Thank you Bernath sensei, Lane sensei, Dee sensei, and especially to those who took ukemi for me, for making this possible. Thank you also to all our guests who travelled near and far to make this seminar a success.

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