March Madness

Kids' Class, March 31A quick roundup of March news at the dojo.

First, our influx of new students continues unabated. Two new students joined the dojo this past week: Esther and Yousef. Welcome!

Personally, Dee and I couldn’t be more gratified with the growth of the school this year. The dojo feels transformed; our kids’ class has more than doubled in size, and our adult class has grown significantly. It’s an exciting time for us.

Next, I want to thank our parents for a successful movie night, our 25th to date. Last Saturday fifteen of our youngest students watched Big Hero 6, feasted on pizza and popcorn, and played spirited games of charades and tag. We all had a wonderful time.

(As a sidebar, is it just me, or has anyone else noticed some suspicious bunny prints near the dojo? I also found a few brightly colored eggs, for what it’s worth. Personally, I suspect that a certain cottontail may be paying us a visit this Thursday. But what do I know?)

Lastly, Dee and I again want to thank Karen and Lane Sensei for visiting us. We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: You brighten our day, every time we see you.

(And it was also great to see and train with Joe Turner again. Thank you for dropping by. Saturday was a special day for me.)

Next up is the 8th Anniversary Celebration at Aikido of Seminole County. It will be a great seminar. See you there!