Buck and Joey

Some freestyle following a recent Saturday class.  I left the camera on after kyu testing.


12 thoughts on “Buck and Joey

  1. So, how was morning class?

    A bit of dojo history: Back in the day, (before my time), Dee and Buck would attend morning class with a fellow named Sterling, who was one of our early instructors. He was a 2nd kyu at the time. So, this isn’t really our inaugural morning class.

    You should ask Buck sometime what Sterling’s apartment was like. He helped him move.

  2. Sensei Dee

    Monday morning classes are clearly the way to get the week off to a great start . Lots of techniques were covered with plenty of hands on practice . It was great. Surely the class schedule will catch on.

    Thank you for making this schedule a reality.

  3. I love more training opinions. If we have the interest, it’s be great to see more morning classes open up in the future.

  4. Sterling’s apartment was squalid in the fullest sense of the word. Thanks for dredging up that suppressed memory!

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