Aikido of Orlando

By Maggie Schill

On Saturday May 15, Aikido of Orlando held a friendship seminar at the MMAT Academy in Winter Springs, Florida. The event was hosted by Aikido of Orlando’s Ian Phillips Sensei, and consisted of four classes and a fabulous meet and greet luncheon. 

Participating in the seminar were various Aikido schools in Central Florida. The instructors shared their Aikido, and the participants discovered new variations to take home and practice.

The first class was taught by Sand Drift Aikido’s Alan Newton. Newton Sensei taught a great warm-up class that focused on proper extension and balance, from an ushiro opening. He demonstrated fundamental technique, which I’m sure was helpful for the many beginning students visiting that day.

The second class was taught by Aikido of Sarasota’s Barry Tuchfeld Sensei. Tuchfeld Sensei spoke engagingly about Aikido as “a martial art.” He demonstrated and explained in great detail about the complexities of shomenuchi ikkyo. It was a class where you felt a lot of room to practice slowly to work on your own form.

After a two hour lunch break, the seminar resumed. Tom Huffman Sensei from Aikido of Gainesville led the third class. Huffman Sensei spoke about his training in the United States and overseas throughout the class. He also allowed the students to suggest techniques they wished to work on. I enjoyed his lessons on shomenuchi ikkyo ura and sankyo.

The seminar was closed by Grady Lane Shidoin of Brevard Aikikai. Lane Sensei demonstrated techniques from ushiro and morote-tori. He emphasized the importance of fluidity, as well as good extension and balance. I saw in his class expansive movement and centered technique. It was a joy to work on these aspects of my own Aikido.

The seminar was filled with variety and friendship. It was a nurturing experience for all Aikidoka present, and I am thankful to Ian Phillips, Aikido of Orlando, and all the instructors present for helping make it happen.

11 thoughts on “Aikido of Orlando

  1. Sounds like a great seminar. I’m glad you and Ryan went.

    Dee and I would have gone, except we had testing that weekend.

    How’s your back?

  2. The back only hurts when I’m not using it. My hips are constantly stiff though. It takes me awhile to loosen them up in class if you noticed? :/
    It is a work in progress… but I get stronger everyday 🙂

    The seminar was fun.. come on the next one Jerry.

    There is the Seminar at our dojo on june 19th…and we will be attending the seminar at Florida Aikikai on August 28-29th(my birthday eeeee :D) And we will be going to see Yamada Sensei on October 3rd at Aikido Center of Atlanta. Also don’t forget that Winter camp is happening on November 7th(the week before my wedding… :D) The fall is gonna be so much fun for me … :D!!!!!!!!

    Just a heads up if any one wants to go and split the cost of a hotel room!
    Yahki will be coming with us.

  3. I’m so happy that you and Ryan caught the seminar bug. You won’t regret it – your Aikido will improve exponentially, and just as important, you will meet lots of new friends.

    Dee and I will be going to Winter Camp. I’d like to see Sensei in Atlanta – I love visiting Kennedy Sensei’s dojo. I also like the weapons instruction from Berthiaume Sensei, when he visits Florida Aikikai.

  4. Sweet,
    I’m glad you and Sensei can come!!

    I’m found it interesting. The last seminar several people came up to me and knew my name. Apparently I had trained with people at other seminars and they remembered me. I got an easy to remember name I guess.

  5. Actually, Maggie, you’ll be accompanying Dee and myself. We’d be pleased to “show you the ropes”, as they say.


  6. It sounds like someone just volunteered to drive :~) Thanks Jerry!!

    Are you going to do the run for the pies with me and Dee? (I’ll give you my pie if you finish)

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