Tamura Sensei

Nobuyoshi Tamura Shihan and Seabolt SenseiI remember the first time I saw Tamura Sensei. It was Montreal, May 1997. Sensei was teaching a seminar at Aikido de la Montagne, and to my 4th kyu eyes, it looked like magic.

I remember seeing Sensei call both Peter Bernath and Donovan Waite to demonstrate, as ukes. They each held the end of a jo, with both hands, facing him. And then…something happened. Donovan and Peter went flying.

My memory of Sensei is that of a generous teacher, someone who loved Aikido. More than that, though. He seemed to enjoy Aikido, enjoy helping others. Although I only saw Sensei in seminars, he made a lasting impression on me.

Tamura Sensei passed on July 9, 2010, after a bout with pancreatic cancer.

Rest in peace, Sensei.

2 thoughts on “Tamura Sensei

  1. Dee would tell me that Tamura Sensei was always smiling, on and off the mat.

    I was lucky to see Kanai Sensei before he passed on, and am sad that I never had the opportunity to see Tamura Sensei. The stories I hear from Dee and others tell me that Tamura Sensei was a warm, friendly person.

  2. I had read about this over the weekend.
    It is a great loss. My condolences go out to his family and students.

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