Saturday With Grady Lane Sensei

Thank you Sensei for teaching our Saturday classes! We all had a wonderful time.

3 thoughts on “Saturday With Grady Lane Sensei

  1. Very awesome way to spend a Saturday morning/afternoon.
    We appreciate Lane Sensei coming out! We learned a lot.

    Congratulations to Kevin and Jericho on their Kyu testings by the way.

  2. Great class, lunch at Mojo’s was also excellent.

    After Mojo’s, Dee returned to the dojo for an impromptu soft ukemi lesson for Lane Sensei’s students.

    And lastly, thank you Sensei for the anniversary gift!

  3. I think it shows what kind of friendship develops through years of Aikido together, that Lane senei would come all the way from Melbourn to, in his words, “have fun” with us. While it is great to have seminars with paid instruction, there is something special about sharing one’s time and talent with no dollars attached. Thanks, Grady.

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