Aikido Camping

This year marks our fifth annual camping trip, and every year it gets a bit larger. In 2008, at Huguenot Memorial Park, fifteen of our students braved the unexpectedly cold weather. In 2009, at Gold Head Branch State Park, that number swelled to twenty. And last year, again at Gold Head, twenty-three intrepid adventurers enjoyed Aikido, a roaring campfire, and some awesome vittles.

(Trivia question: At what location was our first camping trip held? Winner gets dibs on Buck’s spectacular campfire stew.)

This year we’ll be headed to Fort Clinch State Park, home to the scenic Amelia River, scores of moss covered oaks, and of course Fort Clinch itself, where during our stay park historians will recreate a Confederate garrison, complete with black powder artillery demonstrations and marching drills.

Like always, we expect to hold two Aikido classes, at sunset and sunrise. In addition, we plan on continuing our tradition of gourmet campfire food. (We’ll still have marshmallows on a stick, though!)

Excited? You know I am. Take a look at our slideshows from 2008, 2009, and 2010, and tell me that doesn’t look fun.

8 thoughts on “Aikido Camping

  1. I believe so. (Nice blog. I’ve bookmarked it.)

    Update: We’ve booked a fourth campsite (site 37). So far we have approximately 26 people confirmed, with some probability that more may come.

  2. Hey, Buck.

    Kevin and I plan to install the new rank board on Monday. I’d like to drop off the name planks for you to complete. (I’ve created a list of names.)

    Let me know. Thanks.

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