Peter Bernath Sensei, Part 3

Editors Note: This is the third in a three part series regarding our Fall 2011 seminar with Peter Bernath Sensei. You can find all three posts under the video category. Enjoy!

During the third class, Sensei demonstrated tanto waza, including a devastating choke from tsuki. Note the role of uke and nage in the first technique (tsuki shihonage), which I think is more subtle than it appears.

3 thoughts on “Peter Bernath Sensei, Part 3

  1. I figured you’d like it, DK.

    BTW, Mike recently taught an irimi-nage choke I’d not seen before. Very direct. He learned it from Lorraine DiAnne Sensei / Chiba Sensei. Remind me one day to show it to you.

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