15 thoughts on “February 2010 Newsletter

  1. I didn’t have room to mention this in the newsletter, but you may notice the site wide improvements we made during February.

    At the bottom of each page you’ll see our new footer, which we added for obvious usability and also aesthetic reasons. A non-obvious benefit is our use of microformats, both in the footer, and more pervasively in our contact page and blog.

    What are microformats? Wikipedia has a pretty good write-up. We’ve implemented the adr and hCard formats, for starters. If you’re browsing the site with Firefox and the Operator plug-in, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

    What’s next? Our ongoing projects are to implement a database backend for the password protected student page, convert the literally hundreds of hours of video Dee has for the website, record an instructional video for the new 6th kyu test (again, on our password protected page), freshen up the homepage, and implement an entirely new section for the site. (And no, I’m not telling you what it is).

    One last note. We now have nearly 200 (!) pages of unique content on the website, including video, pictures, practice guides and blog articles. As far as I know, this makes our site one of the more comprehensive Aikido sites on the web. (And certainly one of the most comprehensive for an actual school).

    Don’t believe me? Check out our search page and type away. It’s remarkable, really.

    I may have more to say about this, if you’re interested.

  2. We need a headcount on the camping trip, as well as availability and campsite preferences. These places fill up quickly, and I want to reserve a spot in the next week or so.

    So…please advise.

  3. I don’t know if I will be able to go or not. I have to see closer to the date. I am going to Grady’s seminar, though.

  4. I really did like all the classes last night. I like feeling like I’m getting better. Every time my back craps out I feel like I’m getting worse. 🙁

  5. Great response so far on camping trip. We’re going to have a big turnout.

    I’m thinking shish kebobs (marinated in olive oil) and my hobo packs for the campfire.

    Also, this weekend is movie night. C’mon Dark Knight, I know you’re a sucker for Disney movies. 😉

    Anyone watch Archer last night?

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