Ed Di Marco Sensei

This past Tuesday we were honored to host a special guest instructor. Ed Di Marco Sensei, 6th dan shidoin and chief instructor for Lake County Aikikai, happened to be in Jacksonville on business.  We were quick to ask that he teach both evening classes, and of course he graciously agreed.

During the first class, we saw several interesting tsuki variations, including a kokyu-nage I had not seen before.  The second class consisted of weapons work, including a paired jo and bokken kata I first encountered at New York Aikikai, in a class taught by Sugano Sensei. Which of course is not surprising since Di Marco Sensei trained in New York for twenty years.

We took lots of pictures, a few of which are posted below.  Enjoy!

13 thoughts on “Ed Di Marco Sensei

  1. Amazing class!
    I appreciate Di Marco Sensei dropping by!

    OMG… some of those pics are so going on my facebook, they are so amazing!
    Great camera!

  2. Awesome class, nice dinner afterwards.

    Next week is the seminar at Brevard Aikikai, so you can thank Di Marco Sensei personally!

  3. I will..again! lol
    Is Di Marco Sensei teaching a class at the seminar?
    All I know is Bernath Sensei will be there.

  4. I believe the following are teaching: Peter and Penny Bernath, Ed Di Marco, John Johnson (Orlando Aikikai), Youssef Sadkane (from Winter Springs), and Dee.

    Not sure about the order of classes.

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