Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter February 2008

Recent Promotions
Tonya, 2nd kyu, January 5
Oscar, 2nd kyu, October 13
Karl, 4th kyu, October 13
Leslie, 4th kyu, October 13
David, 4th kyu, October 13

Upcoming Camping Trip
We have tentatively selected March 1st or 8th for our camping trip.  We plan on meeting at Little Talbot or Hanna Park Saturday afternoon and train on the beach just before sunset.  We'll then shower, have a great dinner, and tell stories by the campfire.  The next morning we'll train to the rising sun.  If you're interested, send Sensei an email and please note if either of those dates work for you.  Hope you can make it!

Kendo Class
Mike would like to start a kendo class.  We will require a minimum of ten people and the cost per person, annually, is $60, not including equipment.  If you're interested, drop us an email.


Cleansing ClassCleansing class a success!
Sixteen dedicated aikidokas gathered Saturday, January 12th for what was an experience of a lifetime.  After two brutal hours of cleansing of the soul (misogi), we all celebrated the new year at Otaki Japanese restaurant.  And for those that didn't cleanse, well, we all know who you are....(And washing your gi won't save you!)


Brevard Aikikai's 20th Anniversary seminar
Peter Bernath ShihanGrady Lane Sensei celebrated the 20th anniversary of his school on January 5th.  Eleven of our students drove to Melbourne Tonya pinning Jerryto attend the seminar, taught by Peter Bernath Shihan of Florida Aikikai.  By my count, there were over fifty students in attendance, from across Florida.  Lane Sensei's seminar was a great success, and a lot of fun. Congratulations to Tonya for passing her 2nd kyu test, (in front of a panel consisting of a Shihan, two Shidoin, and a Fukushidoin), and condolences to her uke Jerry, who needs to get in shape if he ever hopes to test again.  (Just kidding, Jerry!)

Jerry pinning Leslie Peter Bernath Shihan Buck executing kaiten-nage Leslie executing kaiten-nage John executing kaiten-nage (Check out these pictures, and more, in our student gallery)


A Reminder...
Each week a specialty class will be taught by Sensei.  If you want to focus on ukemi, randori, or weapons, these are the classes to attend.  Look for these on our class calendar.