Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter July 2008

New Students
Let's welcome the newest members of our Aikido family: Clay Maddox, Anastasia Brazhnykova, Christine Knowling, and Alex Kushnir.  We're glad you're here.

Rank Promotions
Congratulations to Fabian Benavente for passing his 4th kyu test, and to Carl Frederick for passing 5th kyu.  Sensei was very pleased.  We've updated our online nafudakake, or rank board, to mark the occasion.

Miami Aikikai Seminar
Eliot Rifkin Sensei, 5th dan Shidoin, has announced the 30th anniversary seminar for Miami Aikikai, to take place at Florida Aikikai on the weekend of June 28th.  Nelson Andujar Sensei, 6th dan Shidoin and the founder of Miami Aikikai, is the featured instructor.  Additional instructors include Peter Bernath Sensei, 7th dan Shihan, and other friends of the dojo.  Additional details can be found in the online flyer.  Sensei is looking forward to the seminar and intends to organize a carpool.  Interested?  Let us know.

Class Schedule
During the remainder of the summer semester, we will be training indoors in the Arena.  Our first class will begin at 6:00 p.m. and our second class will begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.  The Arena closes at 8:00 p.m., so Sensei has asked for our instructors' cooperation to abide by these times.  Questions?  Check our class calendar.

Website News
Sensei has added her vCard to our contact page.  Her contact information can be downloaded to any program supporting the vCard file format, on a Mac or Windows computer.

The Perpetual Orlando Bound Blurb
Yes, we're still going.  Yes, we're still training at Lake County Aikikai.  Yes, I still like roller coasters.  No, I won't stop reminding you.


Brevard Aikikai Seminar
Brevard Aikikai celebrated its new dojo in style with a seminar on May 17th.  In addition to Grady Lane Sensei, the featured instructor, other instructors also participated, including Alan Drysdale Sensei of Enmei Dojo and Randy Beck Sensei of Sand Drift Aikido.  Offering support on and off the mat were Bill Vintroux Sensei of Melbourne Aikikai, Jason Baran Sensei of UCF Butokukan, and Jim Saba Sensei of Mushin Dojo.  The seminar was a great success, with students attending from as far north as Jacksonville, and as far south as Palm Beach.

In many ways, the seminar was not only a celebration of Aikido in central Florida, but a tribute to a pioneering Aikido instructor, whose students over the years have continued to train together, even across organizational boundaries.  Tom "Doc" Walker Sensei, the instructor for many of those participating, was a vital figure in the establishment of Aikido in the United States.  In 1968, Doctor Walker served as Vice President and Secretary of the United States Aikido Federation, and in so doing helped establish and strengthen the fledgling organization.  Although Doctor Walker passed on in 2003, his influence, as the seminar demonstrated, has continued unabated.  The friendship seminar held at Brevard Aikikai is part of that enduring legacy.Brevard Aikikai Seminar Photo

Asian American Heritage Celebration
On May 15, Sensei and several students participated in the Asian American HeritageCarl (Nage) | Dee Seabolt Sensei (Uke) Celebration at the University of North Florida.  A day long festival celebrating the people and cultures of various Asian countries, our demonstration, naturally enough, showcased the Japanese art of Aikido.  As Sensei, Carl and Tonya performed jiyu-waza, Jerry explained the techniques to the audience and offered some perspective on Japanese budo.  David captured the entire event on video.

The turnout was fantastic, and the spectators showed a genuine interest in the techniques performed.  Our thanks to all who participated.

Dojo Store Now Open!
Our online store is now open for business.  Featuring over twenty types of apparel, from basic t-shirts to raglan hoodies, as well as mugs and mousepads, you can now find that perfect gift for yourself or for theDesign envious karateka in your life.  Our design, the first of many, was truly a dojo effort.  The original photo illustration was skillfully composed by Oscar.  Additional retouching, including the Warhol inspired filter work, was executed by Dee.  The words and lettering were selected by Jerry, using the Misproject font, designed by Misprinted Type.  Our thanks also to everyone who offered their advice and encouragement.  All proceeds from the store will help fund local Aikido seminars.

Now that our first design has hit the web, we're throwing down the gauntlet.  What do YOU want our store to carry?  Let us know your suggestions, hopes, and dreams.  Who knows?  That t-shirt celebrating Mentok the Mind-Taker, the one you've always craved?  We may decide to carry it.  But we probably won't.

A Reminder
Please remember that your dues should be paid at the beginning of the month.  If you have any questions, please ask Sensei.