Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter February 2009

New Students
Sensei would like to welcome Al, a new student who joined the school in February.  Your webmaster, on the other hand, would like to correct an embarrassing oversight and extend a long overdue welcome to Maggie, one of our dedicated students.  As you know, Maggie has been with us for a while, and is progressing by leaps and bounds.

Camping Trip
Are you ready?  It's almost time for our annual camping trip.  We haven't settled on a campsite yet, so if you have any suggestions, please email us.  Like last year, our plan is to schedule a vigorous sunset class, followed by great food and conversation, and then an early morning sunrise class, topped off with a hearty breakfast.  Our proposed dates are either Saturday, March 7th or Saturday, March 21st.

Kyu Testing
Sensei is scheduling a kyu test in April, on either Saturday the 18th or Saturday the 25th.  The tests will follow the 1:00 class.  If you have an interest in testing, please check your hours, and then speak to Sensei.  If you have permission to test, you will need to devote some extra time for test preparation.  The Friday open mat class is the best time for this.   

Dojo Update
Slowly but surely, the dojo is taking shape.  We've installed (finally!) the weapons racks, and we now have a beautiful bench near the water cooler.  In the dressing rooms, you'll find new shelves, right next to the handy coat / dogi racks.

Also very much worth mentioning is some wonderful news, from one of our own.  Patrick, whom most of you know, is now the proud father of Madelyn Rose, born on New Years day.  Both mother and daughter are doing fine.  Congratulations again, Patrick.



Pictures, Pictures...
We're so proud of our school, we just couldn't help ourselves.  Please indulge us while we post a few more pictures from our grand opening seminar with Peter Bernath Shihan.

We've also created a slideshow, complete with a snazzy soundtrack, where you can view even more pictures, if you're so inclined.  (Our slideshow is also located on our multimedia and school pages.)  Enjoy!

Grand Opening Seminar Grand Opening Seminar Grand Opening Seminar Grand Opening Seminar

24 Hours of Aikido
Here is the concept: We begin training Friday evening, and then continue for 24 hours straight.  Now, before you start fainting, the caveats.  First, it will be tag team style Aikido.  So long as two people are on the mat, everything is fine.  Second, think of this as one awesome party (at least for those not training): pizza, Aikido movies, Aikido conversation.  And when it's all over, we go to Pepe's

Of course, you'll need to supply your own sleeping bag.  (Spouses and children are obviously welcome).  For this to work, we'll need a decent turnout.  What do you think?

Upcoming Seminars
Paul Cobo Sensei of Aikido of Tampa Bay will host Grady Lane Shidoin of Brevard Aikikai on March 14.  I'm looking forward to this seminar, and hope we can organize a large turnout from our school.  (I've heard through the grapevine that students from Palm Beach Aikikai will also be in attendance.)  Interested in a carpool?  Let me know.

Grady Lane Shidoin will host Robert Zimmerman Shihan of Toronto Aikikai on June 27 and 28.  Please mark your calendars.

...And More Pictures
A few more pictures of the dojo, during a quiet moment before the seminar.

Dojo Picture Dojo Picture Dojo Picture Dojo Picture