Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter September 2009

New Students
We would like to welcome to the adult class Michael, Serge, Lyndon, Patrick, and Robbie.  And in our children's class, a heartfelt welcome to Tatiana. Train hard and have fun!

As a reminder, our student promotion is still in effect.  For every new student you refer, we will credit your tuition by the amount of the new student's first tuition payment, up to your monthly rate.  Our promotion applies to both the adult and children classes, and can be combined with our family and quarterly payment plan discounts.

Halloween Party
October is here and that means Halloween is just around the corner.  To celebrate the change of season, we're planning a fun Halloween party for our younger students.  We'll have games, prizes, and some tricks and treats starting around 5:30 p.m. on October 31st.  For those brave enough, we'll then show  the movie Monsters Inc., at 7:00 p.m. 

Anyone wanting to help us with this event is encouraged to email us with your suggestions and availability.  Sensei is very excited about this, so get your costumes ready!

Homeward Bound
On a more melancholy note, Corne, our talented 1st kyu and ambassador from the British Isle, is returning home to England with his wife.  Corne, we enjoyed training with you--you will be missed.  Sensei, myself and the school wishes you the best in your future endeavors.  Please stay in touch.



A Guest from Down Under...
Russell Boon and FriendsRussell Boon, an Aikidoka from Australia, visited the dojo in September.  Showing true dedication, he took the time to train with us while on his honeymoon.  Some readers may recall that he visited us about four years prior, at the UNF dojo. 

Russell's visit was a real treat.  He trained in Sensei's class, and later taught a very interesting class himself, focusing on kokyu and proper distance.  Congratulations again, Russell, on your marriage and thank you again for the lovely posters.  (One of which has been framed by Kevin and is now hanging in a place of honor above our fountain.)  We look forward to seeing you again!

Friendship Seminar A Great Success
Friendship Seminar What a blast.  Our inaugural friendship seminar was great fun and a valuable learning experience.  Participating instructors were Grady Lane Shidoin from Brevard Aikikai, Ted Powers from the Aiki O-Kami Society, Barry "Dart" Richardson from Sand Drift Aikido, James Woodard from Shugenkai Aikido, and of course Dee.  Sensei would like to thank the instructors, who contributed their knowledge and time, as well as the seminar participants.  (And a special thanks to Susan and Steve for making the trek from West Palm Beach.) 

Jerry would also like to thank Buck's smoker, which produced the best darned bar-b-que I've eaten since my college years in Nashville.

 Friendship Seminar Friendship Seminar Friendship Seminar Friendship Seminar Friendship Seminar Friendship Seminar

Upcoming Seminars
On October 3-4, Sand Drift Aikido will host Michael Moreno Sensei, from the American Aikikai Federation.

On October 10, Aikido of Tampa Bay will host Nobu Arakawa Shidoin, from Hyde Park Aikido.

On November 6, Florida Aikikai will host our annual winter camp, taught by Yamada Shihan, Sugano Shihan, and the shihan of the United States Aikido Federation technical committee.