Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter June 2010

New Students
Please join me in welcoming our newest students to the dojo: Gerry, Jody, and Jason in the adult class, and Zech in the children's class.

Kyu Promotions
Congratulations to Fiona for passing her tenth kyu test. Also, kudos to Tatiana and Nyah for advancing to their striped yellow belt. In the adult class, congrats to Maggie for passing her third kyu and Taylor for passing his fifth kyu test. Great job! Our next test is scheduled for Saturday, August 7.

And The Winner is...
Our May raffle winner is...Maggie! Remember, for every class a student attends, we submit an entry on your behalf in our monthly raffle. Maggie, please see Sensei to claim your prize.

Morning Class
The morning class is now a regularly scheduled class. So please join us every Monday at 7 a.m if you want to get your day and week started off right.


2010 Summer Seminar
On Saturday, June 19, we were pleased to host Richard Wagener Sensei, chief instructor of Palm Beach Aikikai, for our summer seminar. Twenty-one Aikidoka participated, traveling from such locales as West Palm, Melbourne, Tampa and Woodbine, Georgia. As always, it was great seeing Wagener Sensei's students, as well as Grady Lane Sensei and his students. We were also happy to see Meredith and her husband, Barry. Meredith began her Aikido training with us, and now trains at the USF Aikido Club. Thank you all for traveling here to support us!

Lane Sensei conducted testing afterwards for Maggie and Taylor. The seminar was followed by barbeque, adult beverages, and great camaraderie. Thank you again, Wagener Sensei, for sharing your Aikido with us. Seminar with Wagener Sensei of Palm Beach Aikikai

Our plan is to host our next seminar during the fall. We'll keep you posted.

Train For Free
Help us grow the school! When you refer a student, you train free for the month. Refer two, and you're good for two months. Refer get the idea. (By the way, our student promotion also applies to family members. And our family discount still applies. What a deal!)

Feel free to grab a couple of brochures to hand out to your friends and co-workers.

Special thanks to those that help with getting the dojo ready for the seminar. Also we would like to thank Jorge for his help with the reinforcement of the sink in the men's bathroom. Lastly, we now have a nafudakake (rank board) installed on the back wall. A special thanks goes out to Jerry and Kevin on the design and woodwork, and Buck for his nice handwriting. This is a work in progress. Take a look and find your name!

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