Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter October 2010

New Students
Please join me in welcoming Damari to the children's class. Train safely and have fun!

And The Winner is...
Our September raffle winner is...Jerry! Remember, for every class a student attends, we submit an entry on your behalf in our monthly raffle.

Train For Free
Help us grow the school! When you refer a student, you train free for the month. Our student promotion also applies to family members, and can be combined with our family and quarterly discounts.


Kyu Testing
A big congratulations to Keanna and Luc for receiving their yellow belts. Both tests were superlative; Sensei and I are very happy with your progress. Good job!

Winter Camp
It's that time of year again — Winter Camp. We have a large contingent attending from the dojo, and we couldn't be more pleased. Winter Camp is one of the two main Aikido camps sponsored by our federation. Hundreds of students travel from across the United States to receive instruction from the top Aikido teachers in the country.

This year is doubly special, as it is the 30th Anniversary camp sponsored by Florida Aikikai. The schedule is, as usual, jam packed. I count twenty classes, weapons and empty hand, along with forums, testing, and of course, fellowship. (Winter Camp is a great way to renew ties to your fellow practitioners.)

I'm really excited to attend this year. For those who can't make it, rest assured we'll bring back the good stuff.

Brevard Aikikai Seminar
On Saturday, December 4, Brevard Aikikai will host their annual Christmas seminar. Dee is teaching, as are other Aikido luminaries. For more information, please see the seminar flyer.

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