Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter June 2011

New Students
Please welcome Kristóf and Szilvia to the children's class. And also, a warm welcome back to our returning students, Guido, Daniella, and Gabriel.

Student Promotions
Congratulations to Jason for passing his 5th kyu test, in front of what was probably the largest panel we've gathered on the mat. And congratulations to Tatiana, Daniel and Dustin for their well deserved promotions.

Good job!

Peter Bernath Seminar
A reminder that our seminar with Peter Bernath Sensei is scheduled for Saturday, September 10th. Bernath Sensei is the chief instructor at Florida Aikikai, and is an Aikikai Shihan, or master instructor.

Please make plans to attend.

Train For Free
Help us grow the school! When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Our student promotion applies to family members as well as friends, and can be combined with our family and quarterly discounts.


Grady Lane In Jacksonville
Dee SenseiOn Saturday, June 25, Grady Lane Sensei of Brevard Aikikai traveled to Jacksonville to teach our morning class. Also training with us were Sue and Steve from Palm Beach Aikikai, and Ted from the Aiki O-Kami Society.

After a vigorous morning training, we watched the kyu tests for Jason and, in our kids' class, Tatiana, Dustin and Daniel. We later enjoyed some stellar bar-b-que. All of us at the dojo had a fantastic time.

We sometimes neglect to take the time to thank those people who have made a lasting impression on us. From the dojo, and from me personally, thank you Grady. You're a great friend and teacher.

A few more pictures from the weekend...

Lane Sensei Class Lane Sensei Class Lane Sensei Class Lane Sensei Class Lane Sensei Class Lane Sensei Class Lane Sensei Class

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