Aikido Center of Jacksonville
Dojo Newsletter July 2011

New Students
Please welcome Gary to the adult classes. And a warm welcome back to Gerry, who has begun training again.

Berthiaume Shihan
On Saturday, August 20 and 21, Florida Aikikai will host Berthiaume Sensei from Aikido de la Montagne. The cost for the seminar is $60 for one day and $75 for both days.

This is a great opportunity to enjoy practicing with one of the most exciting and well-known Aikido teachers in North America. We will most likely arrange a car pool, so let us know if you are interested in attending.

Train For Free
Help us grow the school! When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Our student promotion applies to family members as well as friends, and can be combined with our family and quarterly discounts.


Peter Bernath Seminar
A reminder that our seminar with Peter Bernath Sensei is scheduled Peter Bernath Sensei for Saturday, September 10th. Bernath Sensei is the chief instructor at Florida Aikikai, and is an Aikikai Shihan, or master instructor. He travels worldwide teaching seminars and we are fortunate to have him visit next month.

We expect our students to make plans to attend this seminar, especially if you don't attend seminars regularly. Attending seminars is important to furthering your Aikido, and is something that Sensei feels strongly about. The cost for the day will be $50.

Student Testing
Our next test date for adults is Saturday, September 10th. (That's right, Bernath Sensei will be here so you better practice!) For our kids, our next test date will be Saturday, September 17th.

Japan Benefit Seminar
On Saturday, July 9, Aikidoka throughout Florida participated in a benefit seminar for Japan. The seminar was held at Florida Aikikai in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All attending instructors from Florida USAF schools taught. The seminar was very well attended and great fun. All told, the seminar raised over $4,000 in voluntary donations to assist the Japanese Red Cross rebuild their country.

(Although I'm partial, I particularly enjoyed Dee Sensei's class. She demonstrated jiu waza which allowed us all to cut loose a bit.)

Lane SenseiGrady Lane Sensei
Grady Lane from Brevard Aikikai recently had major surgery and has begun his road to recovery. He is out of the hospital and is now at home.

Lane sensei has played a big part in the progress of this school and has mentored many of us. He is a good friend. On behalf of the school, Sensei wishes Lane Sensei a speedy recovery.

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