February 2012

Student Enrollments

Please extend a warm welcome Ian and Nirav, our newest students in our kids' class.

Kid's Movie Night

What more can we say, really? We love movie night. Our kids love movie night. Our parents love movie night.

Heck, even during this contentious election season, this may be the one issue both Democrats and Republicans can agree on—movie night is awesome.

In a nutshell: We watched Kung Fu Panda II. We ate pizza and popcorn. And we played games. Our next premiere is scheduled for Saturday, March 10th. I wonder what we'll see this time....

Train for Free!

Help us grow the school. When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Interested? Talk to Dee or Jerry for more details.

Annual Camping Trip

Well, it's that time of year again. The air is getting warmer, the birds have started singing, and my camping gear is good to go. Yes, it's time for our 2012 camping trip.

For those keeping count, 32 intrepid explorers have committed to camping overnight this year, while 17 less intrepid (but still adventurous) explorers are joining us for the campfire, evening class, and all around good times.

We'll be camping in beautiful Anastasia State Park in Saint Augustine. Stay tuned for food and campsite assignments in the coming days. I can't wait!

Camping Montage

Grady Lane Benefit Seminar

On Saturday, March 17 a benefit seminar for Grady Lane Sensei will be held at Brevard Aikikai in Melbourne, Florida. Lane Sensei is a good friend and senior Aikido instructor. Grady recently underwent major surgery, and the seminar is meant to show our support for him during this difficult time.

We are organizing a carpool for the trip down, so if you are interested, please see Dee or Jerry. (And also check out the new designs on Brevard Aikikai's online store. Pretty spiffy!)

Parents Class - Are You Ready?

Parent's class

We've scheduled parent's class for Saturday, March 31. What is parent's class, you ask? Well, it's a chance for our parents, with the help of their children, to experience Aikido first hand.  For our kids, it's a chance to show Mom and Dad how much they've learned. And for our parents, it's a painless way to experience the art first hand.