March 2012

Student Enrollments

Please welcome Cynthia and Scott to our adult class.

Kid's Movie Night

Our next movie night is scheduled for Saturday, April 28. For those keeping track, this is our eighteenth movie night at the dojo, and the third so far this year.

To our newer parents, movie night is a chance for our kids to watch a fun movie projected on the back wall. We'll provide the pizza, popcorn, and fruit drinks. We'll also organize a few games.

Movie night is a great way to introduce friends to the dojo, so guests are always welcome.

See you there!

Friendship Seminar

We're scheduling a friendship seminar for Saturday, May 5 at the dojo.

We hope to have local and regional Aikido instructors spend the day and share their Aikido with us. Afterwards we'll enjoy some excellent food and drink.

Stay tuned for updates, but please mark your calendars.

Train for Free!

Help us grow the school. When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Interested? Talk to Dee or Jerry for more details.

Our Awesome Camping Trip

No rain, excellent food, righteous Aikido, and good times.

This year I'm calling our trip: "The Attack of the Weird Catepillars." Seriously, I counted like thirty species of catepillar out there. And they were all eyeing my breakfast sausage.

Thank you to all our participants for your camaraderie and fine culinary skills. And!

2012 Camping Trip
2012 Camping Trip
2012 Camping Trip
2012 Camping Trip
2012 Camping Trip
2012 Camping Trip

Grady Lane Sensei Benefit Seminar

What a great seminar, for a great teacher.

Lane Benefit Seminar

On Saturday, March 17, nine of our students spent the day at Brevard Aikikai, where a host of talented instructors taught.

Included in the teaching roster were Grady Lane (6th dan), Nobu Arakawa (5th dan), Youssef Sadkane (4th dan), Randall Smith (3rd dan), Mike Patino (5th dan), Joey Turner (2nd dan), and Dee (3rd dan). Peter Bernath Sensei was in attendance also.

This is what Aikido is all about.

Lane Benefit Seminar
Lane Benefit Seminar
Lane Benefit Seminar
Lane Benefit Seminar

Parents Class - You Did It!

Parent's class

Bravo to Beth, Bob, and Brooke, who braved our 2012 parent's class.

Beginning promptly at 9:00 a.m., our blurry eyed parents stepped barefoot on the mat where our kids helped with the instruction.

Although a few of the techniques appeared befuddling, none of our participants drew a blank. Sensei and I were beaming.

"A brilliant class," Sensei began, when asked about the experience. "And who better to introduce Aikido to our parents? Besides Buck, of course. Or possibly Bryce."

So there you have it. A truly bodacious class. Let's do it again, shall we?