April 2012

Student Enrollments

We have a notable enrollment this month.

Jerald Carter, chief instructor of Carters Martial Arts Institute, has joined our Aikido community. Master Carter is a 5th dan in Ryukyu Kempo, and holds a 1st degree in modern arnis. He is also a Kyusho Certified Master Instructor.

His school, Carters Martial Arts Institute, is located in Marietta, Jacksonville.

We're humbled and honored that Jerald has chosen to train with us.

Rank Promotions

Oh boy, we have a bunch. Let's start with our March promotions. (And yes, I blame myself for not including these in our last newsletter.)

First off, congratulations to Nicole and Sergey for passing their yellow belt and yellow belt black stripe tests. And of course to Kevin for passing his 2nd kyu test. Great job!

For April, congratulations to Bryce, Brantley, and Brynn for also passing their yellow belt black stripe tests. And congratulations to Galyna (6th kyu), Pietro (5th kyu), Lawrence (4th kyu), and Carl (3rd kyu).

And speaking of promotions, Dee and I want to personally congratulate Carl, (excuse me, Officer Frederick), for achieving his life long career goal. We're proud of you.

Train for Free!

Help us grow the school. When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Interested? Talk to Dee or Jerry for more details.

Friendship Seminar

Our 2012 Friendship Seminar took place on Cinco de Mayo, and—if I may say so myself—was a total blast. The seminar was a real celebration, with energetic Aikido, gourmet Mexican food, and plenty of frosty cerveza. And we didn't forget the kids, either. After class, our youngest students went to town on a piñata stuffed with candy. Take it from me, do not get between a child armed with bokken and a piñata.

And of course, there was Aikido. Our thanks to everyone who participated, from all organizations. Our special thanks to Adam Graff from Aikido Shugenkai, Luis Cataldi from the Aikido Center of Savannah, and Grady Lane from Brevard Aikikai. Sensei would also like to thank Joe Oglesby, from Aikido of Panama City, for making the trip to see us. And finally, our thanks to all our students who helped Dee and I prepare for the seminar.

2012 Friendship Seminar
2012 Friendship Seminar
2012 Friendship Seminar
2012 Friendship Seminar
2012 Friendship Seminar
2012 Friendship Seminar

Kid's Movie Night

Another successful movie night, the last of the summer season. This month we enjoyed The Adventures of Tintin, and feasted on pizza, popcorn, and apple juice.

Our next movie night Parent's Night Off is planned for August 25. Be there or be square!