May 2012

Student Enrollments

Please welcome Pearl, Isabel, and Brian to the kid's class.

Train hard, be safe, and have fun!

Rank Promotions

In our kids' class, our congratulations to Ever and KiKi (yellow belt), SiSi (yellow belt, black stripe), Luc (green belt, black stripe), and Tatiana (blue belt).

And to our adults, congratulations to Stephanie, Alex, and Frank for passing their 6th kyu tests.

Train for Free!

Help us grow the school. When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Interested? Talk to Dee or Jerry for more details.

Our Kids' Class

Pictures of our children's class, taken on May 19, 2012.

Kids class
Kids class
Kids class

Aikido Classes for Teens

As you've all noticed, the dojo has experienced a growth spurt, especially in our kids' class. To keep up, we've decided to start a study group for our teenage students. This group will train separately in our adult classes on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Students in this class will practice more advanced techniques, with kids their own age. To enroll, your child will need permission from Sensei. Interested? Please let us know.