June 2012

Kyu Testing

A reminder that kyu testing will be held this Saturday, July 7. We have several kids and adults testing, so make sure to be prepared.

Dee and I will be available during open mat this Friday at 6 p.m. to help polish your technique. Good luck!

Happy July 4th!

Our evening class will be cancelled for the 4th.

Instead we have scheduled a special morning class at 9 a.m., which replaces our 7 a.m. class that morning.

Teen Class

Our teen class is going very well. We already have a few regulars who have graduated from the kid's class and are making their transition to the adult class.

Our teen class is held every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Train for Free!

Help us grow the school. When you refer a student, you train free for the month.

Interested? Talk to Dee or Jerry for more details.

20th Anniversary Seminar

Our twentieth anniversary seminar with Peter Bernath Sensei has been moved back one week, to Saturday, October 13. We're super excited to host Bernath Sensei again this year, and to share that excitement, we're posting a few pictures from his last seminar with us, from September 2011.


Peter Bernath
Peter Bernath
Peter Bernath
Peter Bernath
Peter Bernath
Peter Bernath
Peter Bernath

Brevard Aikikai Summer Seminar

A reminder that Brevard Aikikai will be holding a summer seminar this year, on Friday, July 27 and Saturday, July 28 . Grady Lane Sensei of Brevard Aikikai and Luis Cataldi Sensei of the Aikido Center of Savannah are scheduled to teach. You can find the flyer, (artfully designed by Kevin Johnston), on our blog.

And Speaking of Mr. Johnston...

He is headed to Japan for the summer, to further his Aikido study. He promised to update his Facebook profile, and send us photos and stories for the blog. Itterasshai!

This blog post still applies, I think.