Saturday Sunday

I had a great weekend in New York. I watched the children’s class and played with some of the kids afterwards. They are just adorable. I helped this one little girl color in some pictures in her book. Though I thought it was cool that she preferred word games. I know when I was her age I was busy coloring in the lines and couldn’t care less about the English language.
After some nice relaxing classes I went to the Empire State building with Enis Julia and Miguel. We went up to the 86th or so floor (maybe higher) Everything looked misty from up there. There were some great photographs of all of us and the buildings below. It was very windy up there. I didn’t expect the building to feel so stable. I’d heard that it swayed and I imagined that I would be able to feel or see it, but I could do neither.

Sunday I took Donovan’s class, which was good as always. Thankfully I didn’t break anything this time around. He didn’t correct any of my ukemi so at least I know that I wasn’t messing up too badly. Then after classes I went walking with Miguel down to China town, the financial district, and to City Hall park. We took turns posing in front of the fountain and various tall shiny buildings. It was fun, but there were quite a few mosquitoes and it took an hour walk to get there. Needless to say we decided to take the subway back to the dojo.