The last training day

Today was a lot of fun I trained with Claire Keller who sometimes teaches here. I asked her to train with me specially because I liked her style of teaching so much. We had a nice relaxed training date together. The last two classes were taught by Douglas Firestone who is really funny and only corrects when necessary.

Well I’m leaving tomorrow and its bittersweet. I’m happy to go because I want to see my friends and family in Jacksonville, yet I wish I could stay so I could continue to train with the deshis and members of this dojo. Everyone I told I was leaving said “Already? Has it been a month? I hope you’ll come back.” To which I replied “hopefully I’ll be back for the Christmas seminar and then a year from this August. Then I’ll stay as an uchi-deshi.” I found it amusing that everyone assumed that I was a new uchi-deshi, simply because I was always here and took all the classes.

I wanted to bake the deshis another cake before I left, but I’m too tired and I have to pack. I’m leaving at 8:15 Saturday on a shuttle to the airport. It’s cheaper than a taxi, but it will take longer. Oh well. I’ll see you all in Jacksonville on Monday evening. I think you’ll see a difference in my aikido, a good one. I’ll definitely be ready for Nikyu when I’ve reached my hours.