The last weekend

Saturday was a fun day as always. It was very hot though and everyone was sweating and hoping to work in groups. Sensei’s class was fun and then Mike A. taught. His class focused on technique. He gave some very simple, detailed, and understandable explanations for his techniques.

Sunday Chuck taught the first class and he was very dynamic. We did mostly group work again because it was crowded, but that was not a problem for me because of the heat. Donovan taught a class or two and as always his class focused just as much on ukemi as technique.

After the classes were over. I went and got some ice for The Summer’s End Party hosted by Yamada Sensei. There was some tasty food and a lot of laughing and merriment. I got to have fun and dance some swing and salsa. Cleanup afterwards was pretty easy, and I had a lot of help. Sensei was happy with the turnout and everyone had a lot of fun.