Tuesday 3rd week

Today was a most interesting day. The first class I had a lot of fun and read and ate a lot between the first and the second class. Perhaps I should have slept instead because by the time the tandoori class came about I was grouchy and had trouble flowing with my uke’s movements. I managed an hour or so nap between this class and the next and felt much better for it. Sensei came back today and taught his first class since he’s been here. It was a nice basic class with classic openings. He is a bit difficult for me to understand, but I think I managed well enough. His technique speaks for itself. The next class I was assigned a beginner to help out. He thankfully already knew how to roll so I just had to do my best to walk him through the technique. I got more confident as the class went on. Harvey was teaching and was very helpful. Junya taught the last class and it reminded me a bit of Donovan’s because of the extensive ukemi at the beginning. Though he threw in a couple very silly exercises like the “bunny hop.” You can imagine what that looked like. I was giggling the whole way down the mat because I knew how ridiculous I looked doing it.
After class I will only say I had an interesting evening. Ask me about it when I get back to Jacksonville.