Wednesday and Thursday (the last)

Wednesday Sensei taught the 12:15 class and the 5:30 class. I was the by his side the instant he took off his hakama after class so I could fold it. I think he was amused at how fast I moved to be the first one there. Today Luke picked me to train with him, which certainly made me feel special. I also trained with some very kind kyu ranking students who were all cooperative and focused. Mike the head deshi got sick Wednesday morning and had to skip classes. I hope that he gets better before I leave so I can train with him one last time.

Thursday I took all the classes again, which is what I do more often than not. The weapons class especially was fun. I keep learning all these things I’ve never seen before. Luke’s class was good too. For once I felt intelligent in class because I recognized the techniques and the openings well enough to not continuously botch them. Ernie on Thursday evening did an interesting choke that I thought was nice because it didn’t involve using the gi as the choking tool.