Friday 21st

So I trained with Luke in the 12:15 class. I felt really confused the whole class. I believe this was because I hadn’t gotten enough sleep the night before. I can’t recall why. The opening was slightly different than what I was used to. I think the technique was sankyo.

I trained with a beginner in the next class. Once I was sure he knew how to roll. (He’d taken about 10 or so classes) we did the technique the rest of the class was working on. It was a bit confusing to explain things to him, especially when I wasn’t quite sure myself of the opening. At times I knew what to say, though I tried to use physical cues more than words to help him out. I’m pretty sure English wasn’t his first language, but he was young and learned fast.

After Sensei’s class which, was very enjoyable, Karen and I went to a tango class that was just down the street. I found it very romantic and relaxing to just watch the couples dance. I really liked the music.

When I volunteered to decorate the dojo I didn’t realize what a big job it was going to be. I think next time I’ll start earlier. Karen and I pulled out all the stops. Mike and his friend also helped. A lot of the job included climbing rickety ladders and stringing lights around the training hall with masking tape. To make the tape stick we had to dust the walls first. It took until about 3:00 in the morning. The results were worth it though. Sensei was pleased and that he got so many compliments on the decorations. I thought Karen and I did a great job. Especially considering half of the light strings had dark patches on them. We also hung ribbon and mistletoe. (I think the latter was sorely underused.) Karen bought a tree and we decorated it with trinkets that were there, and that I brought with me.

I will say that other than decorations it was a fun night. I felt like I got much closer to the various residents of the dojo. Lots of happy and unexpected events occurred. ^_~