Saturday the Seminar

So the deal here is Karen and I were dying to get out on the town, and we knew that there would be so many people training that we wouldn’t be missed…so we went out to Rockefeller Plaza and had our picture taken with this metal man person and looked at the Christmas tree and all the decorations. There was a whole long sidewalk thing that was about 4 inches deep in loose change that was being donated to some sort of charity or research thing. Karen and I threw in some coins. and took pictures of the people raking the money piles flat. We went into several book stores and got some things we’d wanted for a while and did a little Christmas shopping. We also learned to navigate the subway in time to make it back for the end of the shodan testing and to set up for the party.

The party was great fun. Karen and I did some line dancing (electric slide and cha cha slide) with some of the member’s kids. We did some ballroom dancing with other people. I must have danced for hours with at least 20 different people. It was a blast. Karen and I both got lots of compliments on our dancing skills. The party didn’t last as long as it did last year. It wrapped up around 12:30 and cleanup took only a few hours.