Thursday 20th

I forgot to mention Wednesday night. Karen, Doug C. and I went to where Luke works. Its really nice, plus once you learn the correct way to project your voice, you can actually have a conversation over the music.

So anyway Thursday morning was fun. The openings Steve Pimsler did weren’t so difficult that I had any trouble figuring them out, so I was happy.

Eran taught the 12:15 class. I recall he did a lot of slamming iriminage. I can see in my mind’s eye, whomever he chose as uke making a very loud BAM! when they hit the mat. I trained with Claire that class. She was really funny. I always enjoy training with her. She puts an emphasis on not forcing the technique.

Luke’s class was the next one I took. I think I had way too much fun on the last technique. We were doing jo-tori. I was already having fun because I chose to train with Allday, but anyway we did a technique where we took the jo away from uke, stepped on his foot, pushed them over and then jabbed their windpipe with the end. I was grinning the whole time. My partner seemed highly amused by it.

I had a fun class with Luis because I recognized most of his techniques as either being on my 4th or 3rd kyu test. I felt pretty smart that class.