New York in Summer

All I can say as a common factor between all the classes this afternoon was that it was really hot.  New York Aikikai does not have air conditioning so everyone was sweating bullets. 

4:15 class was taught by Luke Machado.  He did a lot of techniques I was unfamiliar with, but were really fun. They were two handed grabs from ryotetori. I trained with a guy who went fast so I was red in the face by the end of class.

The 5:30 class was a bit more laid back. It was taught by Phil H. (originally from florida) I recognized all of his techniques as ones that Dee Sensei does frequently in her class.  We mostly did morotetori.

The 6:45 class was taught by Luke, a relatively new uchi deshi (he’s a shodan), from Australia. He  had  us switch  partners a few times so I  got to train with different people of different levels.  His warm ups reminded me of Sugano Sensei. His techniques where fairly basic, with shomenuchi ikkyo being the first and some more shomenuchi redirection throws to follow.

I’m kinda tired after my three classes and long plane trip and very hungry.  Some of the kind uchi deshi have offered to give me some of their left overs and share some tea.  I also might get some yummy frozen yogurt from a nearby Pinkberry. Its great to be back in New York again.  Soon I’ll be here for good!