First Month

Its been hard work around New York Aikikai. The uchi deshi are tearing down a wall to make the downstairs office bigger. We’re fixing up all the toilets. I am getting rid of unnamed items in the women’s locker room. Its a constant battle upstairs to keep the sink free of dishes. There is also a cold going around. Its my turn now. It seems like all the uchi deshi are catching it. I got sick just in time for my brothers wedding in Chicago (which was beautiful).

In my own training life I have noticed that I eat a ton and sleep more. My legs are always tired so I try to minimize trips up and down stairs. The training is wonderful. I love all the unfamiliar techniques and entrances. Sometimes I feel like a beginner and at other times I am comfortable with the technique. A teacher named Hal Lehrman is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. His techniques are powerful and open at the same time. He uses very abstract language to describe the mechanics of each movement. It keeps the class interesting.

Sensei just got back from Japan and brought a friend of his, Yokota shihan. He will be teaching a class this evening. I don’t know much about this particular teacher except that he speaks English well.

On a more personal note, I have just secured a part time job as a nurse. I will be working in a preschool three to four times a week. It shouldn’t cut into my training too much. The commute is a bit long though.