A Long Day of Training

This past Tuesday I had extra energy for the first time since starting here, so I took the all six classes. For the first two I trained with black belts and had a moderate workout.

The randori class was fun. I figured I would take it because my 1st kyu test is going to be a killer, especially if it is run by Sugano Sensei. He gave the first kyus here 4 attackers instead of the required 3. Anyway, I think I did pretty well. I got stuck whenever someone did a double shoulder grab on me. I tried the kokyu technique that usually goes with that particular attack and it didn’t work. I think I didn’t have enough movement going.

At the 4:15 class taught by Sensei I trained with Mike Jones. Sensei walked by and told him to be hard on me. Then they both chuckled and Mike said “There you go, orders from the top.” Mike was hard on me, but I took satisfaction in the fact that he was sweating and breathing hard too. He gave me a lot of good advice.

I was pretty tired after that class so I worked with beginners for the last two. The next day I hurt everywhere. I’m still sore. Especially my right arm.

I spoke with a few people from winter camp and yes Dee I did bake a cake because Mike told me. This one was chocolate chocolate chip with peanut butter, cream cheese frosting. I think everyone likes it. I’m still waiting for Sensei to have a piece.