Benefits Of A Diverse Aikido Population

As Yamada Sensei succinctly put it “He been teaching at his own school too long. He’s starting to believe his own sh*t.”

Lol.  I apologize for the almost swear in my blog entry, but this comment was too funny for me to let it pass.  Sensei said this after watching a former student teach who had started his own school and been away from NY Aikikai for a while.  He’s basically saying, in an extremely blunt way, that isolation causes Aikido to deviate from its main base and become stagnant.  Several points of view are necessary for an Aikido school to remain strong.  Isolated Aikido schools or even individual people often develop strange habits and ideas that remind me of defects caused by inbreeding.  To keep your Aikido strong it is good to see other styles and to attend seminars with instructors different from the usual ones at your home dojo. 

The nice thing about NY Aikikai is that different instructors and students from all over the world visit there and train together, which constantly refreshes the dojo and brings in new ideas. Still it is good to go to seminars, even with a wide instructor base.  Seminars tend to give you enthusiasm for Aikido, sort of like how going to Church refreshes people spiritually.

At the moment I don’t have the energy it takes to invest in attenting lots of seminars.  I think once my time here passes I will try to go to a lot of weekend seminars, maybe some from different federations.  It could be exciting.  I just missed the chance to go to a seminar taught by Wee-wow and Lorraine DiAnne because I was busy that weekend.  I hope they have another one sometime.  I’d love to take attend one of their classes.