Last Days

I can honestly say that in the small amount of time I have been here I have learned volumes. In all areas I have improved, whether or not it’s noticeable. I know this because all members here improve quickly from the excellent instruction of the high ranking students and renowned shihans. Plus with the sheer amount of training involved with my position, it was a necessity to improve my ukemi for survival purposes alone. LOL.

Sadly though, for all of my dedicated readers, I can no longer continue this blog. I have more pressing issues with finding an apartment, a job, planning a wedding, and helping Luke start a dojo (wherever he decides to go). My plate is a bit full.

Jerry’s got the lowdown if you want to hear it. I think its very silly, but hey, my opinion isn’t the one that counts.

Thank you all. You’ve been lovely. Email me or give me a call if you want to talk.