Sugano Sensei

Seiichi Sugano Shihan and Seabolt SenseiDee received word Monday morning that Sugano Sensei passed on Sunday, August 29th, from complications related to diabetes and cancer. This is difficult news; I’m finding, as I type this, that I’m completely unable to make sense of my own thoughts. Our sadness is palpable.

We plan, at some point, to convey to you some of our memories of Sensei. Right now, though, I can’t.

3 thoughts on “Sugano Sensei

  1. Sugano Sensei was a model of courage. To see him continue his aikido practice after the loss of his foot was a powerful example for all of us lucky enough to witness it. It was interesting to see how he modified his classes to fit his changed body and it was another example of how fluid and dynamic aikido is. Yet his techniques remained incredibly relevant and powerful. Mainly, it was his shining spirit that I will remember. He tended to have a smile on his face whether on the mat or off and displayed great humility despite his stature and prominence. Sayonara Sensei!

  2. I didn’t have the pleasure to have much experience with Sugano Sensei.
    My only memories of him was being thrown into him, and a brief conversation where he helped me find my elusive shoes after training.

    I find it disheartening to hear about his passing. Especially in light of Tamura Sensei’s passing.

    The students of O’sensei are becoming fewer. I feel very motivated to go out and learn from the O’sensei’s deshi as much as I can. The years are passing, and I prefer to pay my respects to great teachers in this life.

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