A Timeline Addendum

A quick note and a warm thank you to everyone who participated in my little project. It’s important that we remember our own history. Our timeline, I think, does just that.

You can rely on the timeline as authoritative. While preparing it, I interviewed a good many people, again to whom I want to express my deepest gratitude. Not just our students and instructors, but other instructors as well, including Autrelle Holland and Grady Lane Sensei, whose memory I found invaluable. And of course Herve, who predates everyone from our school and got the ball rolling for me.

A bit more about the process: To verify my information, I reviewed primary source documents, including our USAF rank certificates and yukyusha cards. I also examined our Aikikai yudansha passports, and cross checked everything with dojo records. Only where necessary did I look at secondary source information.

Please note that the timeline, while accurate, is not necessarily complete. If I was not convinced about a date, I simply left it out. For example, we know that Lane Sensei taught at least one seminar locally in either 1994 or early 1995. Neither Lane Sensei nor myself can verify the exact date — at least not yet. As soon as we do so, rest assured that I will amend the post.

In sum, if there is a date, seminar, or event that involves the dojo, our timeline should be your go-to resource.

Again, thank you.