Kyu Tests, November 21

Our next kyu tests are scheduled for Saturday, November 21, in both the children and adult classes. As always, our test schedule is posted on our class calendar.

For our adult students, we are implementing the new 6th kyu requirements from the United States Aikido Federation. If you haven’t printed a copy, please do so. Remember, Friday open mat is the best time to work on test techniques, outside of our regular classes.

Good luck!

23 thoughts on “Kyu Tests, November 21

  1. I’ve been practicing my knee work at home. I’m hoping my ballance is satisfactory for Dee by next Friday… 0_0””””

    And again, a big thanks to Dee for helping me with my knee work last Friday. I know she had a long work day and desired dinner… so a big thanks for dealing with my wobbliness. ^_^

  2. Hi Maggie, I’ve spoken to Dee about your progress. Be at class as much as you can next week. Dee will be there Tuesday and Friday.

    She wants to see another practice test.

    As always, I’m there to help.

    p.s. Thanks for the pie!

  3. Give my thanks to Dee for seeing me yesterday. My knees are skinned up pretty bad from doing an hour of knee work yesterday. But I’m trying to get her pointers to me down pat.

    If i can make a request for more work tomorrow at UNF tomorrow please jerry..

  4. Sure thing,
    I’ll be there as much as I can. Tomorrow I have to take an exam so will have to skip out.

    Tuesday- Saturday I’ll be there.

  5. “You are, Number 6.” The comma is optional, depending if you have the original script or not. Which I do.

    What’s up with those towers, anyway?

  6. I know how this is going to sound, considering we’re talking about The Prisoner, but the new series seems a bit more contrived than the original.

    In the original, there never was a question about an “outside world.” The prisoners knew about the real world, but purposely avoided the topic.

    Here, the prisoners (jailers?) don’t think an outside world exists. I mean, c’mon! Where did their clothes come from? Their utensils? Heck, the feta cheese for their wraps??!

    Also, I think a theme of this new series is going to be “perspective.” We saw some visual jokes in the premier, such as the unfolding map and the fact that Rover massively grew in size when he captured No. 6.

    You heard it here first.

    I did like the homages to the original, however, sprinkled throughout the story.

    Be seeing you!

  7. I think they are trying to compact a story. It is a three day mini series after all.Entertaining, but not the original 🙁

  8. I’m a little disappointed with it to tell the truth. It had none of the mental play between 2 and 6. 2 is too much of a person in this one. It has too much about his personal life and less about their play against each other.

  9. yes, her mind created the village. she is unconscious because her mind is controlling and regulating the village. But she was getting old and tired, that’s why they needed 6. Holes were growing everywhere, so they needed to make a new number 1. which they wanted to be 6, but 313 sacrificed herself, and now number 6 is the new number 2….working for the same thing the original number 2 was.

  10. Yeah, that’s how I understood it too. Question: How did they split everyones consciousness in the Village? I mean, you had Village No. 6 and New York No. 6. Unless No. 1 was some sort of uber-telepath, I’m not getting this at all.

    Too Matrix-y, I think.

  11. i have no idea what yall are talking about here…

    but my knees are scabbing up now…right one is feeling pretty good, the left one is the worst of the two though.

    so…lots of antibiotic ointment, gauze and padding for sat and i should be at about 90% full capability…

  12. Congratulations MM and Dark Knight…MM, I liked that you kept a steady pace. Dark Knight, I liked your crisp technique. Alfred would be proud.

    Any for any 6th kyu lurkers here, my congratulations also. Now let’s get you ready for 5th kyu! 🙂

  13. Also, thank you Sensei for the excellent instruction. I always enjoy your classes. See you at your Christmas seminar.

  14. thank you Jerry for getting me ready. Thank you Grady for instructing class today. And thank you Dee for allowing me to test

  15. and if i could possibly get a copy of the test on a dvd i would appreciate it. my cam had some malfunctions 🙁

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